Sangoma training South Africa

A sangoma is an African spiritual leader, similar to a pastor, but not as concerned with making money, as many South African pastors are. To become a true sangoma you will need to be called, and ignoring this calling can be detrimental to you. Sangoma training is unlike any other training – there are no sangoma schools or colleges, you will need to find a sangoma to train you. The training will take many months and will involve, amongst other things, spell making, herbalist training, study of African tradition and culture, and isangoma rituals and magic.

A sangoma is not a witch doctor, although many westerners and mlungus think so. Witchcraft is practiced by the umthakathi, healing on the other hand is done by iNyanga. The isangomas primary role is to find out the cause of the “sickness”. This is not sickness as westerners know or understand it – all sickness according to African cuture has an external cause – bewitchment by a witch (umthakathi), evil spirits in your life (Imimova emibi), or the ancestors themselves (amadlozi), calling for sacrifice to the spirits.

Do not think that sangoma training is easy – do not think that you do not need intelligence, and do not think that you will make lots of money by becoming a sangoma. Be prepared to serve your people, or your village. Be prepared to deal with the spirit world (sometimes dangerous and scary), and most of all – be prepared to work on the side of good – a very difficult thing in the modern world. Find a respected and admired sangoma to train under – make sure he or she is not just an amateur spell maker, weaving love spells and revenge spells, or a small witch, as many so called healers are today. If they call themselves “doctor” or “professor” then they are likely fake sangomas, or witch doctors.

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Put a spell on me

My family has placed a spell on me – in fact they have placed a curse on my child. The spell is such that my beast milk is cursed – that when my child drinks my milk, he will die. How can my own family cast such a spell on me – all because of money.

If it is not bad enough that my husband died, now they are after his money. He left R20 000 for the education of our 2 children and my family says I must share it. But this was only after they tried to get the insurance policy payout released to their account, behind my back. Now I have said that I do not want the money, and do not want them to have the money and will just leave it. This is when they placed the spell on me and my child. I am heartbroken and fearful now – where can I get a protection spell from – because now there are two of us to protect. Why, if they wanted money so badly, did they just not buy a money spell or success spell instead of placing a curse on me? …..stories of witchcraft and African curses.

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Protection against a love spell

I have been bewitched by a love spell – I need protection against a love spell cast by a powerful African witch – what am I going to do? How many time do South African woman and men face this issue – a lot. It is very common for Africans to use spells and witchcraft to get what they want – and love spells are a common occurrence.

How to tell if you have been bewitched?

1. You fall in love very quickly with a man or woman who is not your type.

2, The man or woman is much older than you.

3. You do things with this person that you do not usually enjoy – mostly, but not alway, of a sexual nature.

4. Whilst you feel great love, there is something that does not feel right to you.

5. You stop seeing your friends and family to be with this person all of the time.

6. The person you are in love with treats you badly, and you still cannot help but love him or her – this can include physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse.

7. The person you are in love with is constantly unfaithful to you and you continue to forgive them, even though you feel great pain.

While these are just some of the signs of a powerful love spell – if you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms – maybe you have been bewitched with a love spell. You will need a powerful counter spell to break this – do not despair – love spells, once you know about them are easily reversed and protected against using a spell of protection.

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What Kind of Spell will work?

The most powerful spells are those that are specially crafted for you! What kind of of spell can I use? Often the hardest part of gaining your desires is choosing exactly the right spell – If you choose the wrong spell it will not matter how potent the spell or magic is, or how potent the sorcerer is – it will not work. The master psychic can help. After a serious consultation a powerful healer will tell you what kind of spell will work

Spell making is a difficult craft – but what is often forgotten is to choose exactly the right spell for the right job. For this the spell maker needs to consult with you, in detail, about your particular problem. Like all things in life, the power is in the detail, and crafting exactly the right spell for your issues needs these details. The spell can then be personalised. Psychic healers and witchcraft practitioners often offer “out of the box” spells, or “off the shelf” spells. These are usually easy spells, or free spells. If you think about it carefully, how can a general spell fit your needs exactly? The magic needs to be crafted – that is why it is called witchcraft. Any practitioner who sells you a spell without spending time listening to you, and finding out the details, is a seller of these easy spells that do not really work – they may have some small affect, or in some cases may work by luck, but for a truly potent spell you need a consultation with the psychic healer. Like western science, you need to see the doctor, he will need to look at you, and then he can prescribe the correct medicine.

Specific types of spells spells include:

Spells for marriage problems, business spells, fortune telling, revenge spells (use these with extreme caution – a witch must know exactly what they are doing otherwise it will back fire on you – watch out for witchdoctors that are con men), pregnancy spells, sexual spells, spells for students, money spells, break up spells, penis enlargement spells. Spells for vaginal infections (all problems that are medical should be dealt with a proper doctor of medicine first – often people will use witchcraft instead of medical science – this is a big mistake – use the right professional for the right problem. You would not use a vet to fix your teeth!), infertility spells, power spells that include winning elections, Respect spells, spells to help with debts and loans, spells for home cleansing and attracting  sales to your business. Court cases of all kinds will require specialist spells – each one crafted for the particular problem you have in court. Spells for success need to be carefully prepared for the kind of success you desire.

Protection Spell

Attraction Spell

Extreme Respect Spell

Fertility spells or Pregnancy spells

Divorce Spells

Ask yourself, how important is this problem, and if it is very important to you, then what ever kind of practitioner helps you, whether they are a witch doctor, psychic healer, traditional healer, witch or wizard – they need to take their time and use all of their skills to find exactly the right kind of spell for your problem. Buying a spell over the phone or online will mostly not work and you are wasting your money. Choose your healer carefully, some practise black magic, and this can be dangerous for you. A potent spell will need a potent psychic. Insist that the doctor sees you and listens – otherwise there is no ways he or she will be able to craft the right kind of spell. And this goes for for any kind of magic, extreme protection spells or binding love magic – they all need a consultation first.

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African Witchcraft and Spells

African Witchcraft makes many claims to have powerful solutions for everyday human problems. Many of the practitioners of African Witchcraft claim to have African love spells, power spells and wealth spells.

As many people in Africa have an absolute belief in witchcraft and it’s power, it is often very easy for false practitioners to make easy money from what is often a poor and uneducated group of people. Natural disasters and crop failures often require the intervention of a witch doctor – and all at a price. Often the person will have to buy African charms for protection or for love.

Whether you believe in African Witchcraft or not – you cannot ignore it – African spells and and African witchcraft are an integral part of African culture – be that in Africa or in other parts of the world like America. It has a strong following and some dedicated practitioners. It also has has a very dark side – and like any profitable business, a mafia like control is exorcised over resources and customers. The upsurge of body part murders is a testament to the profitable nature and absolute belief in this sometimes dark art or dark magic.

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